Hello Again Everybody

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Hello again everyone- yesterday was the last day of APUSH, and while I did not really document any of my APUSH experiences this year, I justed wanted to let my dedicated viewers know that I survived APUSH.

This won't be a long post because I don't really have a lot to say, but one thing I will say is that I enjoyed WHAP a lot more than APUSH. Maybe it was because the classes were more interactive, or maybe because there were test corrections. Either way, I found WHAP to be much more interesting.

I really enjoy US History, but in APUSH, I felt like we breezed past some really important topics without really stopping, and we didn't often discuss issues or other current events.

That was the main reason for why I liked WHAP. It was not just about the history, but how that history has shaped modern worldviews and paradigms. In WHAP, we would often spend a lot of time talking about modern issues, or we would talk about a certain aspect of world history in dept…

Goodbye WHAP, and Goodbye Mr. Profitt

Friday, May 25, 2018

Today was day 152 of WHAP, and today was the last day. It all ended today. Everything we have worked on came to a close today. This blog post will be my final reflection, so get ready.

First, I would like to thank a few people. Ashton's reviews were pretty useful this year, and his review for the AP Exam was also very helpful.

Jackson: thanks for keeping class fun and light, even when no one was really having fun.

Jacob (Abraham): thanks for giving me some good HTS's before quizzes throughout the year.

Jacob (Phillips): thanks for being in the LRC so I can talk about WHAP.

WHAPJack: thanks for keeping up with your blog posts, and thanks for making some quality memes of Mr. Profitt.

And to everyone else, thanks for making the WHAP experience more enjoyable.

Now, I will talk about the class itself.

I think that I really learned a lot more about world history in general and a lot more about good writing skills.

I have really never had an actual world history class prio…

The Waning Days of WHAP

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Today was the 151st day of WHAP, and today, we did pretty much nothing. Like nothing.

Basically, all we did was listen to a bleak story from Mr. Profitt and then talk about some random stuff.

Today was a good day in WHAP because we really didn't do too much. Look forward to tomorrow's blog, because I will be doing a reflection over the year.

That's all for WHAP today, and as always, go Cowboys.

Modern Warfare Presented by Mr. Pichon

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today was day 150 of WHAP, and today, Mr. Pichon came in and talked to us about modern warfare, which was pretty interesting.

Because he had a lot to talk about, Mr. Pichon started ASAP and continued until the bell rang.

He quickly reviewed what we learned in the previous days he was here, then he talked about World War I. During this war, guns became more dangerous than ever, and because of that, older military tactics didn't really work and a lot of people died.

This was also the first example of total warfare, because in many countries, about 70-90% of society was devoted to war, and in order to motivate the populace, governments created a lot of propaganda.

The main issue with total war is that it is very hard to stop, and because of this, many countries started to crack under the pressure of World War I, countries like Russia, France, and Germany.

Mr. Pichon then talked about World War II, and how that was the first mechanized war in history, where there wer…

Reflection + Jacob's Demise

Tuesday, May 22, 2016

Today was the 149th day of WHAP, and today, we took a survey and talked about WHAP in general.
To start off, Mr. Profitt told us to fill out the 2 forms: one of them regarded O-points, and the other was a course reflection.
In terms of O-points, I got at least 200 this semester which is really nice, and in terms of the course reflection, I really didn't find the AP Exam to be super difficult, and this course really prepared me for it.
After that, we had a little vote to see what to do next, and even though the majority of people wanted to watch a video about current events, Mr. Profitt took over as dictator and had each person tell him something they liked about the course or something they would change.
Side note: Mr. Profitt also proposed the idea of us writing thank-you letters to each other, and for some reason, he was really surprised that we didn't want to do that. He went on to ask why no one wanted to do that, and awkward silence ensued...
Anyway, when …

A Pizza Party to Remember

Monday, May 21, 2018

Today was day 148 of WHAP, and today, we had a pizza (and brownie) party to celebrate the end of the year.

To start off, Mr. Profitt made everyone pay up, and then him and a few other students went and got the pizza.

When he came back, we all feasted on some surprisingly delicious Papa John's pizza and talked about the end of year project.

The end of year project sounds pretty terrible in my opinion, and for that reason I'm out. 

Basically, in order to get a bonus point added to your semester grade, you have to draw a map with 20 little illustrations, write a detailed explanation for each illustration, and then write a reflection essay that is similar to a CCOT LEQ.

Everyone in the class opted out of this choice, so we kept eating pizza.

Then, Mr. Profitt took a little survey and saw how many people actually read Strayer and/or the chapter outlines. Personally, I have read about 18 or 19 out of the 23 chapters.

In conclusion, today was a pretty chill day because w…

The Final Zoo Wee Mama

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Today was the 147th day of WHAP, and today, WE TOOK THE AP EXAM! All the hard work and dedication culminated to this point, and to that, I say zoo wee mama.

In my opinion, the test really wasn't too bad, just it was just tiring.

I had a little chat with Mr. Yo after the test, and I talked to him about how the history teachers (Mr. Profitt and him) totally overhyped the AP Exam, and Mr. Yo's response was that if they didn't hype it up, then people wouldn't do as well because they don't have as high expectations.

The weakest part of my exam was probably the multiple choice section, but I did OK on the SAR's and I think I did pretty well on the DBQ and the LEQ.

However, if you would like to know any information about the exam, it would be illegal for me to tell you. Sorry.

As WHAP Jack mentioned in his blog post, the announcements by Student Council President Marco Marrero '19 were very distracting. It was during the multiple choice section, a…

Preparing for the AP Exam (Day 3/3)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Today was day 146 of WHAP, and today, we kind of reviewed for the AP Exam.

To start off, Mr. Profitt told us to fill out the pizza party form, however, it was a bit corrupt, because no matter
what you chose, the pizza WILL come from
Papa John's.

I heard from a very reliable source that Mr. Profitt gets a cut of the profits (haha, get it) whenever he orders from Papa John's, so that's probably why he's making everyone choose Papa John's over Domino's.

Nevertheless, I still like Papa John's, so that's good.

After that, Mr. Profitt reiterated the importance that we should not stay up super late tonight studying.

Hopefully I will not be too stressed.

After that, I asked Mr. Profitt about some history stuff, like the Bhakti Movement in India, then he played some inspirational clips from movies.

While this is not my last blog post, today was the last day of actual 'class' in WHAP, which really isn't too sad.

It was a good run this yea…

Preparing for the AP Exam (Day 2/3)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Today was the 145th day of WHAP, and today, we continued to review for the AP Exam by taking a "great clicker review for no points" (quoted from the Moodle page).

To start off, Mr. Profitt forgot the flying saucer thing, so we were a bit delayed. But then we got to clicking.

In my opinion, the 10 or so multiple choice questions we had were really easy, and I got a 9/10, so if I perform like that on the actual AP Exam, I should be fine.

Because it took awhile to do this, this was the only thing we did in class today. But, it was motivational because I realized that I can do well on the multiple choice as long as I think my answers through.

Also, if anyone is looking to review concept 3.2, I heard there is a decent video by some chump named "WHAP Jack." Maybe check his blog to see if the video link is there.

There is 1 dislike, and I'm pretty sure I saw Mr. Profitt talking to Mr. Yo about disliking the video. But don't take my word for it...


Prepping for the AP Exam (Day 1/3)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Today was day 144 of WHAP, and today, we reviewed for and talked about the AP Exam.

To start out, we took the SIS, which is the survey students take. I tried not to go too hard on Mr. Profitt.

After that, Mr. Profitt talked to us about the exam itself. On Thursday, we should go to the Terry Center at 7:45 with some No. 2 pencils. He said it was very important to get a good night's sleep on Wednesday night, because you don't want to be exhausted during the exam.

After that little debriefing, we watched a fun review video that talked about a lot of history that we have covered. I actually found the video informative and funny, so it was fun to watch in class.

Even though the AP Exam is in a few days, I am really not super worried about it. I think that all the work I've done throughout the year has paid off, and it has allowed me to not have to review as much stuff.

However, I am still going to review a lot. If you want a good review opportunity, I would recom…

Frayer Model + DBQ Revisions

Friday, May 11, 2018

Today was the 143rd day of WHAP, and today, we did a Frayer model in class for a quiz grade.

To start off, Mr. Profitt outlined the activity in class, and basically, we were all assigned a topic (mine was anti-globalization) and we wrote a general outline about it, we wrote a contextualization for it, we connected it to a Crash Course video, then we drew a picture of it.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about each topic, but I explained that anti-globalization was the backlash against the negative consequences of globalization, like wealth inequality and too much interconnectedness.

I compared this to the Iranian Revolution Crash Course video, because people in Iran were getting mad that the American culture was being forced upon them.

For the picture, I drew a little cartoon of a remote country that was really Americanized, because it shows how America has put its culture into many other places.

Today, I also got my DBQ revision back, and even though I got …

Mega Clicker Quiz #38!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today was day 142 of WHAP, and today, we took a big ol' clicker quiz -- for a quiz grade.

I know what you are thinking - zoo wee mama.

To start off class, Mr. Profitt had a little devilish grin when we walked in, so I knew something was up.
Once we all got settled, Mr. Profitt gave us 3 choices for the clicker quiz: we could...
Take it, but don't count the points towards anythingTake it, and if everyone gets the 1st question right, we all get a 100 on itTake it, and put the grade in the quiz categoryI personally voted for option #1, because I didn't really want to risk anything.
However, after a vote, most of my classmates were feeling bold and picked option #3, so that's what we did.
I now see why a lot of people do not like democracy.
Also, Mr. Profitt attempted to make a joke about me, but I did not really understand it, so...
Anyway, the questions weren't too hard, but I did get a couple of the really easy ones wrong, which kind of sucks.
However, …

Is America the Greatest Country?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Today was the 141st day of WHAP, and today, we watched a clip from the show Newsroom which debated if America is the greatest country or not.

To start off, Mr. Profitt asked us if America was the greatest country in the world or not, and then he showed us the clip.

It was an interesting clip, and Jeff Daniels (the guy who talked a lot) said a lot of somewhat true facts that refutes the claim that America is the greatest country in the world.

Mr. Profitt then asked us the question, and to my surprise, me and a few other people were the only ones that thought that America was the greatest country.

I said that America has a lot of opportunities and some other people said that America was very diverse.

After that, we talked about Chapter 23, and how the world economy was transforming during the late 20th century and early 21st century.

This time is called re-globalization, because world trade skyrocketed and it became much easier for countries to project their power across…

Most Powerful Man + China Debates

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Today was day 140 of WHAP, and today, we talked about who the most powerful person in the world is, and we also had a debate over China.

To start off, we answered a question in Google Classroom that was quite simple: Who is currently the most powerful person in the world?

My answer was Vladimir Putin, but many people put Donald Trump, and Matthew put Xi Jinping, which was also a good answer.

I said Putin just because of his vast weapon arsenal and the huge amount of territory he controls.

After this, Mr. Profitt talked more about Jinping, and explaining that he is very powerful as well because he is president of the most populous country in the world. This conversation segued into another, and the next question asked if China's growing power is good or bad for the world/United States.

The class was divided 8/4, with 8 people (including myself) saying that China's growing power is bad for the world/United States. After we made our decisions, we walked to opposite…

Global Wealth Inequality

Monday, May 7, 2018

Today was the 139th day of WHAP, and today, we talked about globalization and global wealth inequality.

Over the weekend, the homework was the DBQ corrections (which were optional) and the 2 Crash Course videos, which took awhile to watch. I was kind of mad whenever I saw that I had to watch 2 more videos, because the DBQ corrections took me several hours to to.

However, we actually did not have the clicker quiz today, but it will instead be tomorrow. Tomorrow's clicker quiz will be a mega-quiz, because it will be over 3 Crash Course videos.

Anyway, today, we mainly talked about wealth inequality, and we additionally watched a video about the spread of wealth in the US.

Mr. Profitt explained that during the 19th century, China and India produced a huge amount of the world's goods, but by 1950, they combined to produce only 4% of the world's goods. This displays the inequality of wealth, because many nations, like the US, were becoming much richer.

We also tal…

Clicker Quiz #37!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Today was day 138 of WHAP, and today, we took a clicker quiz over the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Because the periods were shorter, we were only able to get a clicker quiz done. Also, to my surprise, there were no missing students in my class who had to go to a "doctor's appointment" or "drive to Virginia to get their sister."

We started off by diving straight into the quiz, and even though I didn't do too well on it, I still did the notes guide so I guaranteed myself a 100. To be honest, our "E" grade category has so many grades in it that doing poorly on a clicker quiz here and there won't hurt too much, but I just want to be safe.

During the quiz, we talked about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and how it didn't really start because of religious differences, but rather over a conflict of land.

This conflict was further escalated with the help of the British and the Partition Plan, which really exacer…

New Clickers + Clicker Quiz #36!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Today was the 137th day in WHAP, and today, we talked about the history of Congo/Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo and we took a clicker quiz over it.

To start off, there is good news: the new clickers are in. Even though this may seem trivial, it was nice to get back to my clicker roots. Here is a little review of the clicker based off of my use of them:
These clickers are much larger, so you can have a much firmer grip on them as you try to choose the correct answer.Also, they come in a really neat container.However, these clickers are not rechargeable so it will be a pain whenever you need to change the batteriesThese clickers do not have the same range as the last clickers, so if you are sitting in the back of the room, you have to move while taking the quizThe buttons are larger, offering more ergonomic supportAll in all, I'd give these clickers a 6/10 rating. The battery slot came out a few times for me, so that is what gave them the low score.
After we go…

Decolonization Continued!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Today was day 136 of WHAP, and today, we continued to talk about decolonization and a little bit about our DBQ.

To start off, we went straight into the presentation we began yesterday. We talked more about why many colonial empires ended and what happened after they became nation-states.

Never before had the end of empire been associated with the mobilization of the masses around nationalism.

After this, we did an activity in which each member of a table team gave a reason for why empires fall, and specific examples of each.

Some common reasons were that empires got too big, like with the Mongols, there was unfair ruling/economic problems, like in the Atlantic countries, and there was a loss of a leader, like with France and Napoleon.

I actually found this activity helpful because it refreshed my memory about different empires in history.

We then went through the presentation a little bit more, then we did a case study on India.

We drew a timeline from the 1880s to 1947…

[Clicker] Quiz #35 + Decolonialism

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Today was the 135th day of WHAP, and today, we took a [clicker] quiz over the Crash Course video about decolonization and we talked about it in class.

To start off, we prepared for the [clicker] quiz, but because the clickers were broken by someone (Jack Carroll), we had to take the quiz via Moodle.

I did alright on this quiz, and even though I didn't get a 100, the E part of my grade has a ton of grades in it already, so this grade shouldn't affect it too much.

After that, we went over each question from the quiz. We talked about things like why many new nation-states appeared after World War II and about India's anti-colonial movement.

After that review, we started a lecture about decolonization. The first thing we talked about was what contributed to the end of colonial empires.

There were many factors that affected this, but some of the big ones were that the world wars weakened Europe and discredited its moral superiority.

Furthermore, the United Nations…

Chapter 21 Reading Quiz!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Today was day 134 of WHAP, and today, we took a reading quiz over chapter 21 of Strayer. The quiz wasn’t too bad, and I am really glad that I got all of the multiple choice questions correct.
To start off, like usual, we went around the table talking about stuff we didn’t totally understand. Then, Mr. Profitt answered many of these questions.
Pro Tip: if you do not have a very specific question, Mr. Profitt won’t give you a very specific answer.
After that, we put all of our stuff away, then we took the quiz. Like I said before, I did really well on these multiple choice questions, and I have been doing really well on them recently.
The others parts of the quiz (the MRQs and the key term) were not too hard either, and I think I did pretty well on those too.
In conclusion, today was a good day in WHAP because I think I did well on the last regular reading quiz of the year. I am pretty glad that we are almost finished with the reading quizzes, because studying for those…

DBQ Review

Friday, April 27, 2018

Today was day 133 of WHAP, and today, we reviewed the DBQ we took a few weeks ago.

To start off, we talked about the contextualization part of the DBQ, and how it needs to be specific, immediate, and relevant to the topic. We then went over a couple of examples of good contextualizations.

Hopefully on the AP Exam, I will be able to get the contextualization point, because it really is not that hard to get.

After that, we talked about POV analysis. Basically, this is a two step process:

Identify the HIPP elementExplain the element's implications on the argument - also called the "so what"Mr. Profitt then gave a couple of examples on how to do this. This part of the essay is probably the hardest, just because it can be difficult to relate the POV of the author to the argument you are trying to make.
During class, Mr. Profitt also had us repeat the phrase "I am dumber than I think I am under time pressure," which is very true because especially on…

Not Mad, Just Disappointed

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Today was the 132nd day in WHAP, and today, we sort of took clicker quiz #35 and we got back our DBQ's.

To start off, we quickly reviewed the video about the Cold War and got right into the quiz. However, because of someone (Jack Carroll), my clicker was broken, and throughout the clicker quiz, many people's clickers started to run out of battery.

So, we just wrote our answers down on paper instead. This clicker quiz wasn't too bad, and I don't think that it will be a grade because we didn't really finish it.

The quiz itself was over the Cold War, and I found the video to be pretty interesting as I learned more about things like the construction of the Berlin Wall, the war concept of MAD (mutually assured destruction), and many other things.

After that, Mr. Profitt handed back the DBQ's. Not gonna lie, I was pretty confident that I was going to get a 5/7 or maybe even a 6/7. However, to my dismay, I got a 4/7 which is pretty disappointing co…

Communism in Russia Presented by Mr. Eppig

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today was day 131 of WHAP, and today, Mr. Eppig came in and talked to us about communism in Russia while Stalin was in reign. Because we had a lecture for all of today, I will try not to include too much information. 

To start off, Mr. Eppig listed 6 different things that were implemented in Russia at the time.

The first was collectivization. Stalin wanted to industrialize rapidly, and to do this, he implemented 5 Year Plans and promoted Kokholz Farming. Furthermore, he banished/executed a lot of the kulaks, who were farmers.

Next was industrialization. Stalin emphasized the importance of creating an economy like the West, and to do this, he had the first 5 Year Plan and gave incentives for factory workers.

Third was Personification. Stalin was viewed as a father of Russia, and people saw him as a god, a protector, and a friend. He filled the role as leader after the Russian Revolution, and for that reason, people saw him as a savior.

Next was Universalism, which w…

Clicker Quiz #34 + Guomindang

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Today was the 130th day of WHAP, and today, we took a clicker quiz over the rise of communism in China.

To start off, I did a little show and tell of my great-grandfather's gas mask from World War I. It was really interesting to see this technology, because it is what saved tons of soldiers' lives.

After that, we reviewed for the clicker quiz a little bit by talking about it in our table teams.

I found this Crash Course video a little harder to understand because there were a lot of different names, and I am not very good at remembering foreign names, so it was hard for me to remember the names of the Chinese leaders.

Also, a little fun fact: contrary to popular belief (Matthew), the nationalist party that rose in China was not called the Guodingdong, but rather the Guomindang.

After that, we put our stuff away and prepared for the clicker quiz. This one wasn't too bad, and because I did the review guide, I guaranteed myself a 100. It didn't look like…